A few months ago, Kim Breed (Blade Magazine editor and author of the “Spec Sheet” article) asked me to submit a knife to him for testing.
For each “Spec Sheet” article, numerous makers are asked to submit knives of a similar style and/or purpose. Once Kim receives the knives, he puts them through a battery of tough tests. When they’ve all been put through the wringer, he chooses the top two knives from the group to be featured in his article.
The particular style knife he was looking for and what he asked me to submit was a knife suitable for skinning and no more than 7″ in overall length.
This little HPS (harpoon point skinner) was the knife that I submitted to him.
In January I was informed that my knife made the cut as one of the two best knives he received and will be featured in the May issue, which will be released mid-February!
I’m very honored and excited to have been given this opportunity! And what makes it even better is that the other knife selected was a knife submitted by my good friend and mentor, Reed Fred!