Kephart Style Knives

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Classic Kephart Style

The Kephart knife was named after the knife carried by outdoorsman and author, Horace Kephart. Kephart was most well known for his two books: Camping and Woodcraft and Our Southern Highlands. He’s a legend in the Smoky Mountain region and was instrumental in the creation of the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. Kephart from Camping and Woodcraft: “A camper has use for a common-sense sheath-knife, sometimes for dressing big game, but oftener for such homely work as cutting sticks, slicing bacon, and frying “spuds.” For such purposes a rather thin, broadpointed blade is required, and it need not be over four or five inches long. Nothing is gained by a longer blade, and it would be in one’s way every time he sat down.” Kephart knives make for very good camping, outdoors, bushcraft knives