Nessmuk Skinning Jungle Gray Brocket Deer

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Customer Jordie Gene sent these pics to me of him using a little CJ Knives Nessmuk to skin this jungle gray Brocket deer!
Jordie is the owner and guide of TANKAB OUTFITTERS, located in the Yucatán peninsula of Mexico. They specialize in jungle hunts for the Ocellated Turkey and grey and red Brocket deer. He says that these deer are some of the most elusive and most difficult to harvest in the world! Also the Ocellated turkey is the most beautiful of the wild turkeys! To hunt these animals in the jungle is a very demanding! The heat and the humidity are so high that it just adds to difficulty of taking a Brocket deer or Ocellated turkey! If you're interested in letting Jordie carry you a hunt, you can check him out on Facebook and Instagram under the name of Tankab Outfitters for the Outfitter service and also "Maya Amazing Adventures" and "Outventure" that are the brands for ecotourism and active tours!