Mini Keychain Prybar


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Mini keychain prybars are quite handy to have on your keychain.

Need to pry on something and don’t want to mess up your knife? Mini prybar.

Need to open a box and don’t want sticky tape on your knife? Mini prybar.

Need something to improvise as a screw driver without using your good knife? Mini prybar.

Need to open a paint can? Mini prybar.

There are many, many uses for a mini prybar. And I think you’ll agree they come in extremely handy when you find new ways to use it without messing up your good knife.

They are made from the same high carbon tool steel that my knives are made from and go through the exact same heat treat and tempering process as my knives do.

The one you receive will be unique as they vary in width and thickness based on what knife steel they came from. Each one will be roughly 3″ in length.