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This knife style is what I call my "Homesteader". A few year ago I was asked to design a small/medium size knife that would be an all around user blade. The Homesteader was my answer. I consider it to be an all around very good utility knife – but don’t let that description fool you into thinking it’s not special! It’s perfectly suitable for skinning, EDC (everyday carry), food prep, camp duties, etc. and since the first one I made – it has become one of my most popular knife styles! The Homesteader is technically a droppoint knife, but my overall design is what makes it a Homesteader. Simply put the Homesteader is a wonderful all around knife with a droppoint blade that has a gentle curve from the point to the butt of the handle. The blade itself functions as a guard against your hand sliding up on the blade and the slight flare toward the butt of the handle helps to keep the knife from slipping from your hand.