Nessmuk Style Knives

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The Nessmuk knife was named after George Washington Sears (who was known by the pen name of Nessmuk after a Native American childhood friend). He was a writer for Forest and Stream magazine (later merged with Field and Stream) in the 1880’s. He was a small man and was, therefore, very conscientious about the amount of gear he carried. He is sometimes known as the father of ultralight camping. He typically carried what has become known as the “Nessmuk Trio” – a double-bit axe, a moose pattern folding knife, and his fixed blade. No one knows what happened to his original knife and, outside of a drawing in his book Woodcraft and Camping, very little is known about the original knife. The size of the knife is thought to have been medium in size, but actual size, type grind, etc. is really unknown.